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Firepaw Standard Dog Treadmill

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    • Specifically for your dog

    All Firepaw Treadmills are dog-specific, designed for the way a dog learns, thinks, and moves.

    • Mechanical movement

    Our treadmills are exclusively mechanical. Your dog is not forced to run, it can stop anytime if it doesn’t want to run or there is a trauma. This is impossible with popular generic  electric treadmills for dogs. In addition, the dog can achieve its maximum in speed, stamina and fulfill its full physical potential, all controlled by itself. Firepaw Treadmills last longer than electric ones and can be used anytime, anywhere.

    • Remarkably effective for conditioning and rehabilitation

    Firepaw Dog Treadmills are an effective alternative for conditioning and rehabilitation of dogs for owners facing challenges like bad weather, crowded parks or physical limitations. Firepaw Treadmills are extremely useful for breeders, dog trainers, vet clinics, dog hotels, police dogs, military dogs and much more. 


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