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Firepaw Dog Treadmill Cooler

Firepaw Dog Treadmill Cooler




As we all know when running, dogs cool their bodies through the mouth and this can sometimes prove difficult when exercising inside.  We have therefore tried to most closely replicate the natural running conditions, creating the Firepaw Treadmill Cooler. The device creates an air jet that simulates the air flow our buddies get when running outside. This is especially important with the extremely athletic dogs, many of whom are already our beloved customers.

When dogs have additional cooling and oxygen during an intense workout, it helps them to improve their performance in speed and endurance with up to 16%*, as well as significantly reducing recovery time between sessions.

The Firepaw Treadmill Cooler is portable, foldable and very functional. The air jet could be set in 3  different power levels according to the speed of the dog . It is recharged easily using a simple USB cable.

It can also be used very successfully in weight pulling.

– Simulates running in a natural environment

– Improves performance

– 3 power levels

– functional and easy to use

– rechargable


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 15 cm


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