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NEW Firepaw Running Wheels – Innovation

NEW Firepaw Running Wheels – Innovation



This is a key element (probably the most important) in any slatmill. For the first time, these parts  will be made specifically for a dog slatmill. Until now, all manufacturers used different bearings or conveyer wheels. However, these parts (made for something different than a slatmill) had various drawbacks. Some were pretty loud, others not durable enough, and some did not have the necessary speed for a slatmill.

Over 18 months in a costly and slow process we have built various molds and tested different materials and designs to find the best structure of a slatmill wheel.

The NEW Firepaw Wheels produce significantly less noise. They are 10X more durable .Faster and provide an extra level of shock absorbing to prevent the joins. 

*price is for a set of 56 wheels

*Owners of slatmills still in the 18 months warranty who want to switch to the new wheels can count on 30% discount code

*This innovative part is only and exclusively offered by Firepaw and protected industrial design

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Weight 1.9 kg


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