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  • Second spring to strengthen the sprinpole. For dogs over 30 kg

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    Firepaw Phoeniх Dog Treadmill - Slatmill

    Top selling model.  Firepaw Phoenix Dog Treadmill - Slatmill is considered to offer the best value for money in premium class manual dog treadmills. Widely used from proffesionals and amateurs because of its wide workout options and quality workmanship. The most commonly used dog treadmill in treadmill races around Europe, set as a standard for this discipline.

    Firepaw’s custom main aluminum wheels, combined with fast roller wheels generates great inertia and provides your dog with the possibility for intensive sprint sessions, reaching its maximum speed or long stamina workouts. Firepaw Phoenix Dog Treadmill - Slatmill is a great tool for training all dog types for endurance, muscle gain, weight loss or just providing your dog with basic physical conditioning. 
    Welded with solid steel and fully handcrafted in our workshop with high quality materials and attention to every detail.  18 months warranty.

    • Free custom design in colors
    • Shock absorbing system to prevent joins
    • 8-10 free spins by hand power push.
    • Mobility wheels and handles for easy moving by one person
    • Firepaw designed aluminum main wheels
    • Plastic sides to briefly view workouts
    • Detachable sides for easier  storage and assembling
    • Adjustable dog fixing bar.
    • Speed computer -measures distance, time and speed
    • Adjustable front legs to simulate slope (3 levels) 
    • Custom stickers – 30eu 
    • Disc brake – 160eu (Used for instant stop of the treadmill, useful tool to measure exact distance and time especially for treadmill races.Useful for beginner dogs as well. Activated with a handle)
    • Plastic Running Belt -  195 eu (the running belt is made of a material that is resistant to moisture. Reduces noise with 4-8 db. Black in color. ) 

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  • The Firepaw Profi Break Stick for dogs can help you open the chaws of your dog if he or she doesn’t want to do so with command. It is an extremely useful tool for responsible owners to prevent serious accidents with other pets.

    The Firepaw Profi Break Stick for dogs is made from a very strong and long-lasting material. Its shape and strength allows the use of various mouth opening techniques.

    Considering the hard material used we recommend using only on the back teeth. 

    The Firepaw Profi Break Stick is the most commonly used break stick by professionals at sporting events  and from the best breeders and trainers of working dogs. 

    Recommended for APBT's and other strong biting and holding dogs.

    *Shipment of 2 sticks at shipping price of one

  • Firepaw Weighted Collar is designed to help you improve the basic physical condition of your four-pawed friend with the daily walking. The collar is made from a strong and long-lasting plastic material. Removable weights. 

    Product is best for walking or chaining, we do not reccomend jumping or sprinting with weighted collar. 

    Delivery time: 8-12 working days

  • Firepaw Solid Sled Weight Pull Sled for dogs is made out of solid steel with flat bottom, providing much greater resistance than the light sled (approx. 3-4 times more). It is mostly used for power weight pull and can fit any weight discs on the market.
    The sides upgrade allows easy outdoors use with sand, stones or other available load.
    *not recommended to be used without weights and in fast a sprint pull.

    Anti scratch paint

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  • Our best selling sleds.

    The Light Firepaw Sleds are easy to wear sleds, used for training your dog in weight pulling.
    They provide a complete workout and keep your dog in a very healthy physical condition. The Light Firepaw Sleds are detachable and fit all the lifting discs on the market. They can be used for sprint and power pulling.

    The Light Firepaw Sled is the most used sled in sprint pull races in K9 competitions around Europe.

    Anti-scratch paint

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  • Firepaw Running Resistance chute for dogs.

    Firepaw Running Chutes are designed to fit the dogs’ specific physical needs. Wind-resistance training chutes provide overall muscle resistance. They produce ca. 7 to 9 kilograms of resistance, which is similar to running on a windy day, running through water or up a hill. The faster the dog runs, the greater the pull.

    Firepaw Running Chutes build the fast-twitch muscles of your dog. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are advantageous for short bursts of strength or speed. Fast-twitch muscles also provide explosive speed and fast directional change for your hound.

    Firepaw Running Chute is good for hunting, sporting, working, agility dogs and also an easy to use everyday tool to improve the general physical condition of your four-legged buddy.

    For extra resistance and powerfull breeds 2 chutes could be used at same time.

    Specifically designed for dogs easy to wear and use improves strength, speed, agility and general physical condition

    *Chutes designed for humans provide 15kg resistance or more. They can often contact the ground if used with dogs because of their size and different fastening.

    *Shipping price 1-6 chutes - 3 eu in Europe and 6 eu rest of the world.

  • Firepaw Mobile Dog Chain Spot is an easy to use, long lasting and extra safe tool used to chain your dog outdoors, regardless of its size and temper. Easy to wear and mount, you can use it to chain your hound safely anywhere, anytime. Firepaw Chain Spot is also used for dog training and tug of war competitions. 

    • Galvanized  steel.
    • Trident shape for extra safety.
    • 360 degrees rotation ring for the chain. 

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  • This device fastens the female dog in a way that guarantees safety and non painful intercourse. Keeping the female dog in place is done in order to avoid pain during the insemination and difficulties while the dogs are entrapped (such as overpoising or having difficulties finding the right position). The female dog can also be fixed by the neck in order to prevent aggression against the male dog, caused by the painful intercourse. The device can be easily adjusted to 4 positions and is easy to transport.

    • Detachable
    • Anti-scratch paint
    • Adjustable in 4 points

    Please note: This is a tool used for many years from breeders and veterinarians around the world.

  • Firepaw Wooden Pocket Break (Safety) Sticks can help you open the jaws of your dog if he or she doesn’t want to do so with command. It is an extremely useful tool for responsible owners to prevent serious accidents with other pets.

    Firepaw Break Sticks are also widely used for training dogs in sports and protection for them to release the toy easy and safely.

    Easy to wear and use. Safe for dogs’ teeth. Handmade of beech wood, impregnated with 100% natural oils.

    Pocket size (20cm) 


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    The Firepaw Mini Dogs Treadmill is perfect for mini breeds up to 38cm (15 inch) height to improve their basic physical condition and concentration. Small, whisper-quiet and vibration-free, the Mini Firepaw Dog Treadmill was specifically designed for the exact anatomical and behavior needs of small breeds.

    Portable, space-saving, constructed of high quality materials and 100% handmade, Firepaw Mini Dogs Treadmill provides years of use and helps you guarantee the recommended exercise level for your dogs’ daily needs regardless of weather, time or physical restraints. The Firepaw Mini Dogs Treadmill helps your dog achieve optimal health and longevity.

    *running area - 70 cm (27 inches)

    • Shock absorbing system
    • Ceramic bearings
    • Adjustable dog fixing bar 
    • Mobility wheels and handles for easy moving
    • Custom RAL colors
    • Speed computer 
    • Custom Stickers (30eu)Check Videos
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    Firepaw Dragon Dog Treadmill 
    Generation 3

    Firepaw Dragon “Carpet” Dog Treadmill uses an improved old-school approach to dog training in terms of power, muscle explosivity, muscle gain and power endurance.

    It has greater resistance on spinning from a slatmill. Very useful tool for basic everyday conditioning. Fantastic option for home usage because of its low noise level and very fast and easy assembling and dismantling (under 2 minutes)  . Training session are shorter.

    Despite it is being labeled as a “Carpet Mill”, for  the first  we have used very strong, long lasting and smooth-moving material for the belt. It has shock absorbing and anti-slipping structure. 

    With Generation 3 we introduce another innovation for the first time in this type dog treamills- shock absorbing mechanism to prevent dogs joins


    • Low noise levels
    • shock absorbing mechanism to preven joins
    • Assembling and dismatling in only 1.4 minutes-video
    • Adjustable dog fixing bar
    • Detachable and easy to store
    • Mobility wheels for easy movement by one person
    • Made from solid steel 
    • Custom Color – included 
    •  WP incline – included: Adjustable legs at the back with the idea of creating a reverse slope, which creates additional resistance. The dog work in this configuration simulates working on weight pull track. Develops additional power and expolisvity. * regular position of the treadmill is on its wheels. When on it feet extra resistance is activated and it simulates weight pulling. It is for advanced dogs on the treadmill. *Regular functioning of the treadmill is without the extra feet. They are only to generate extra resistance fro advanced dogs in very good condition
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