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Firepaw Phoenix Dog Treadmill Gen 9 – Slatmill

Firepaw Phoenix Dog Treadmill Gen 9 – Slatmill

Firepaw Phoeniх Dog Treadmill - Slatmill (Generation 9) 

Top selling model.  Firepaw Phoenix Dog Treadmill - Slatmill is considered to offer the best value for money in premium class manual dog treadmills. Widely used by professionals and amateurs because of its wide workout options and quality workmanship. The most commonly used dog treadmill in treadmill races around Europe, set as a standard for this discipline.

Firepaw’s custom main aluminum wheels, combined with fast roller wheels generates great inertia and provides your dog with the possibility for intensive sprint sessions, reaching its maximum speed or long stamina workouts. Firepaw Phoenix Dog Treadmill - Slatmill is a great tool for training all dog types for endurance, muscle gain, weight loss or just providing your dog with basic physical conditioning. 
Welded with solid steel and fully handcrafted in our workshop with high quality materials and attention to every detail.  18 months warranty.

  • Free custom design in colors
  • Shock absorbing system to prevent joins
  • 8-10 free spins by hand power push.
  • Mobility wheels and handles for easy moving by one person
  • Firepaw designed aluminum main wheels
  • Plastic sides to briefly view workouts
  • Detachable sides for easier  storage and assembling
  • Adjustable dog fixing bar.
  • Speed computer -measures distance, time and speed
  • Adjustable front legs to simulate slope (3 levels) 
  • Custom stickers – 30eu 
  • Disc brake – 160eu (Used for instant stop of the treadmill. Useful tool to measure exact distance and time especially for treadmill races. Very useful for beginner dogs . Activated with a handle
  • Plastic Running Belt - 195 eu (the running belt is made of a material that is resistant to moisture. Reduces noise with 4-8 db. Black in color. 
  • Firepaw Running wheels(NEW) - 150 eu Unique Firepaw design. Specifically made for slatmills. Less noise. Shock absorbing. Extra durable. Faster.

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