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Firepaw Dragon “Carpet” Dog Treadmill

Firepaw Dragon “Carpet” Dog Treadmill

Firepaw Dragon Dog Treadmill 
Generation 3

Firepaw Dragon “Carpet” Dog Treadmill uses an improved old-school approach to dog training in terms of power, muscle explosivity, muscle gain and power endurance.

It has greater resistance on spinning from a slatmill. Very useful tool for basic everyday conditioning. Fantastic option for home usage because of its low noise level and very fast and easy assembling and dismantling (under 2 minutes)  . Training session are shorter.

Despite it is being labeled as a “Carpet Mill”, for  the first  we have used very strong, long lasting and smooth-moving material for the belt. It has shock absorbing and anti-slipping structure. 

With Generation 3 we introduce another innovation for the first time in this type dog treamills- shock absorbing mechanism to prevent dogs joints


  • Low noise levels
  • shock absorbing mechanism to preven joints
  • Assembling and dismatling in only 1.4 minutes-video
  • Adjustable dog fixing bar
  • Detachable and easy to store
  • Mobility wheels for easy movement by one person
  • Made from solid steel 
  • Custom Color – included 
  •  WP incline – included: Adjustable legs at the back with the idea of creating a reverse slope, which creates additional resistance. The dog work in this configuration simulates working on weight pull track. Develops additional power and expolisvity. * regular position of the treadmill is on its wheels. When on it feet extra resistance is activated and it simulates weight pulling. It is for advanced dogs on the treadmill. *Regular functioning of the treadmill is without the extra feet. They are only to generate extra resistance fro advanced dogs in very good condition
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Dimensions 170 × 50 × 80 cm



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