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  • The Firepaw Profi Break Stick for dogs can help you open the chaws of your dog if he or she doesn’t want to do so with command. It is an extremely useful tool for responsible owners to prevent serious accidents with other pets.

    The Firepaw Profi Break Stick for dogs is made from a very strong and long-lasting material. Its shape and strength allows the use of various mouth opening techniques.

    Considering the hard material used we recommend using only on the back teeth. 

    The Firepaw Profi Break Stick is the most commonly used break stick by professionals at sporting events  and from the best breeders and trainers of working dogs. 

    Recommended for APBT's and other strong biting and holding dogs.

    *Shipment of 2 sticks at shipping price of one

  • Firepaw Weighted Collar is designed to help you improve the basic physical condition of your four-pawed friend with the daily walking. The collar is made from a strong and long-lasting plastic material. Removable weights. 

    Product is best for walking or chaining, we do not reccomend jumping or sprinting with weighted collar. 

    Delivery time: 8-12 working days

  • Firepaw Solid Sled Weight Pull Sled for dogs is made out of solid steel with flat bottom, providing much greater resistance than the light sled (approx. 3-4 times more). It is mostly used for power weight pull and can fit any weight discs on the market.
    The sides upgrade allows easy outdoors use with sand, stones or other available load.
    *not recommended to be used without weights and in fast a sprint pull.

    Anti scratch paint

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  • Our best selling sleds.

    The Light Firepaw Sleds are easy to wear sleds, used for training your dog in weight pulling.
    They provide a complete workout and keep your dog in a very healthy physical condition. The Light Firepaw Sleds are detachable and fit all the lifting discs on the market. They can be used for sprint and power pulling.

    The Light Firepaw Sled is the most used sled in sprint pull races in K9 competitions around Europe.

    Anti-scratch paint

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  • Firepaw Running Resistance chute for dogs.

    Firepaw Running Chutes are designed to fit the dogs’ specific physical needs. Wind-resistance training chutes provide overall muscle resistance. They produce ca. 7 to 9 kilograms of resistance, which is similar to running on a windy day, running through water or up a hill. The faster the dog runs, the greater the pull.

    Firepaw Running Chutes build the fast-twitch muscles of your dog. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are advantageous for short bursts of strength or speed. Fast-twitch muscles also provide explosive speed and fast directional change for your hound.

    Firepaw Running Chute is good for hunting, sporting, working, agility dogs and also an easy to use everyday tool to improve the general physical condition of your four-legged buddy.

    For extra resistance and powerfull breeds 2 chutes could be used at same time.

    Specifically designed for dogs easy to wear and use improves strength, speed, agility and general physical condition

    *Chutes designed for humans provide 15kg resistance or more. They can often contact the ground if used with dogs because of their size and different fastening.

    *Shipping price 1-6 chutes - 3 eu in Europe and 6 eu rest of the world.

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