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Firepaw Spring Pole Set as Addon 15% off

Firepaw Spring Pole Set as Addon 15% off


Firepaw Spring Pole is a great tool for your four legged buddy to train his or hers neck, head, back muscles and coordination while pulling a toy hanged at the spring pole set.

The unique integrated spring mechanism allows:
free movement of the spring holding ring,
better movement of the dog around itself and the spring pole, and
provides additional shock absorbing, allowing your dog’s muscles to be further extended.

The main Firepaw spring included in the set is developed in cooperation with military factory exclusively for dog training.

15 cm extensibility when pulled by 25 kg dog. The heavier, the dog the greater the extensibility. Best for dogs with weight up to 40kg . Size of the spring 30x3 cm

Military quality stainless steel.
Fasteners included (brick wall)

Please make sure that the spring pole is well mounted to the wall before using it.
It is recommended that the back legs of the dog are always touching the ground. When the dog works on the spring pole it must be under constant supervision of the handler and be monitored for overstrain.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 20 × 45 cm


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