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NEW Firepaw Phoenix Dog Treadmill Gen 10 – Slatmill

NEW Firepaw Phoenix Dog Treadmill Gen 10 – Slatmill

NEW Firepaw Phoeniх Generation 10 – Slatmill

Phoenix Model: Setting the Standard for Dog Treadmill Races

The Phoenix model is the benchmark for dog treadmill races, trusted by NATO, elite military units, and numerous police departments worldwide. It is the top choice for trainers and veterinarians, renowned for its exceptional joint protection, performance, and durability.

Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

Most parts of the Phoenix are meticulously processed in our own workshop and specifically designed for slatmills, ensuring unparalleled quality. We proudly offer the best warranty and customer service in the premium slatmill segment.

Innovative Design and Superior Materials

The NEW Phoenix features an optimized design—lighter, easier to use, and more visually appealing. For the first time in a slatmill, the frame is a hybrid combination of aluminum and steel. The aluminum sides and dog holding bars are rust-resistant, lighter, and offer more adjustment options. The steel bottom frame ensures stability and supports dogs of any weight.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

After pioneering the disc brake for slatmills in 2015, we’ve now introduced a revolutionary handle for the brake system that can be used from multiple positions and distances. The main wheels, made from larger aluminum components, provide superior inertia and increased speed. Additionally, we’ve incorporated unique components to absorb vibrations, resulting in reduced noise and less impact on the joints.

  • Custom Colors: Available in a range of custom colors to suit your preferences.
  • NEW Advanced Shock Absorbing System: Prevents joint injuries by reducing impact.
  • 10 Free Spins by Hand Power Push: Allows for easy, manual use.
  • Mobility Wheels and Handles: Enable easy movement by one person.
  • NEW Firepaw Designed Aluminum Main Wheels: Ensure durability and smooth operation.
  • NEW Transparent Plastic Sides: Provide a brief view of workouts.
  • NEW Detachable Sides: Allow for easier storage and assembly.
  • NEW Adjustable Dog Fixing Bar: Offers customizable positioning for your dog.
  • Speed Computer: Measures distance, time, and speed accurately.
  • Adjustable Front Legs: Simulate a slope with three adjustable levels.
  • Custom Stickers: Personalize your treadmill for an additional €40.
  • NEW Braking System (€200): Instantly stops the treadmill, useful for precise measurement of distance and time, especially in races. Also helpful for training beginner dogs. The handle can be used from a distance and mounted in various positions.
  • NEW Plastic Running Belt (€250): Made from moisture-resistant material, reducing noise by 4-8 dB. Black in color, it prevents bending with dogs over 50 kg and features an anti-slip surface.
  • NEW Firepaw Running Wheels (€150): Unique design specifically for slatmills. They are quieter, shock-absorbing, extra durable, and faster.

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