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Basic Tips for beginners on dog treadmill-slatmill working out

We have been asked this question so many times so we decided to summarize a few basic things.

You can train your dog 3 times a week, every day or twice a day. It depends on what you want to achieve and what is its current condition. Length of every session also depends on the way you train, you can make short sprint sessions for power and muscle mass 5×2 mins with 2 minutes rest or 20-30 minutes medium speed  jogging for endurance or 1 hour just walking for rehabilitation and general health.

Athletic breeds, younger dogs and dogs in a good shape can take more intensive workouts. The common rule is to  pay attention to physical signs of exhaustion.When you see they are tired, get them off the mill until they normalize breeding and then you can make 1-3 more sessions. 

What I do daily as a less time consuming workout is short warm up on the Phoenix mill with 6-10 km speed like 5-10 minutes. Then I use the Dragon mill in 3-5 one or two minute power sessions because it is much harder to spin, this is with pitbulls but again it is individual. Physical signs of exhaustion are important things to look at. Same effect as the Dragon mill can be achieved with sprint sessions on slopes with the Phoenix mill. 

Long running sessions at low speed are good for stamina, fat burning and basic physical condition. Short sprints and running on a slope build muscle mass and power. 

Basics for the diet I stick to are proteins (raw muscle meat)  combined with proper fruits and vegetables for dogs, essential fats (oils), eggs etc.. What I recommend is a barf diet.

With the Phoenix treadmills you can train for power and muscle mass with short sprint intervals or running at slope.Stamina with long low speed sessions.You can also fulfill your dog’s maximum speed potential. The Phoenix treadmill is used for treadmill races in Europe. 

Dragon mills are good for power and muscle mass gain, workouts with them are always exhausting and short.

George Simeonov



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