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The NEW Firepaw Dragon Treadmill Generation III 

The NEW Firepaw Dragon Treadmill Generation III 


Recently Firepaw Dog Treadmills introduced the newest, third generation “Dragon / Carpet Treadmill“.  We strongly believe it is the most  advanced dog treadmill from “carpet mill” type ever created. 

In the spirit of the brand, we keep introducing innovations with every model we launch. With the first generation Dragon Dog Treadmill we introduced a state-of-the-art type of extra durable belt; with the second generation, it was the unique detachable metal frame. And now for the third generation,there are not one, but five innovative improvements: a (1) vibration absorbing system in order to prevent any possible joint issues , an (2) optimized frame, which disassembles to a practical small size in just 1.5 minutes, (3) a new, even stronger, softer and easier to maintain belt

We have used even higher quality materials for these improvements and the third generation Firepaw Dragon Treadmill has the best materials money can buy. Our new design is unique with (4) elegant transparent sides, an option for personalized stickers (5) included adjustable slope feet to generate extra resistance. 

Although these types of high resistance dog treadmills are not as popular as standard treadmills (slatmills), they have many positives: 

– The noise level is meaningfully lower, making them suitable for people with pretentious neighbors. 

– The workouts are significantly shorter due to the higher resistance – which makes them very comfortable for daily workouts for people with a hectic daily routine. 

– They are very quickly and easily disassembled to a compact size. 

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