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The New Firepaw Generation 10 Available

πŸ“£The NEW Firepaw Phoenix Generation 10 is available for pre-order !!!

πŸ§ͺFinally this happy moment came and we can introduce the Firepaw Phoenix Model Generation 10. We and our partners who managed to test it strongly believe this is the most advanced slatmill ever made in terms of performance, durability, joint protections, functionality and noise levels. It has been developed for 18 months and tested for 6 months so finally the job is done.

πŸ’‘The new Phoenix has optimized design – it is lighter, easier to use, with a better look. Frame is a hybrid for the first time in a slatmill – a combination of aluminum and steel, that brings benefits from both materials. Sides and dog holding bars are made from aluminum so there will be no rust, less weight and more options for adjustments. Bottom frame is solid steel to be stable enough and again there will be no limitation in weight of the dog.

πŸ’‘The aluminum profiles we use are specifically designed for slatmills and there are no unnecessary channels to fill with hair, dust and bacteria..

πŸ’‘After FIrepaw introduced the disc brake for slatmills back in 2014 now for the first time the handle for the brake system is not static on the frame. It could be used from multiple positions and different distances. It also has a modified handle to block the wheels with a single press of a button which is another innovation.

πŸ’‘The main wheels are made from aluminum, bigger for even better inertia and more speed.

πŸ’‘There are few more unique components to absorb vibrations which result in less noise and even less impact on the joins.

πŸ›’The NEW Phoenix Generation 10 is available for pre-order, the first units could be sent in May 2024. Deposit or full payment. Basic starting Price for the Medium size is 1400 eur and 1600 eur for the Large.

πŸ“¨Please contact us for details at or dm. 


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