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Curve Dog Treadmill vs Classic Slatmill/Dog Treadmill

Curve Dog Treadmill vs Classic Slatmill/Dog Treadmill

We would like to say a few words on recently popular  curve mills as they look pretty different from what we recognize as dog treadmills and we have been often asked if Firepaw is about to go in that direction. We will try to explain why this is not something the brand is not interested in.


1.The first significant advantage of this type of dog treadmills is the typical and attractive way they look. Which we definitely like. But we strongly believe with this design, the device will be particularly suitable for dogs that are well-mannered and likely to have experience with mechanical treadmills. It will be a difficult undertaking for beginner dogs and owners, and many dog lovers out there are just that.

2.Another major advantage is the claim that hypothetical curve dog treadmills can be used by humans. In our opinion, this is a very dangerous hypothesis. Dog curve treadmills must be lifted to the front. Those for humans are not like that because our anatomy is different. This theory is dangerous because when a person makes heavy use of the device as a full-fledged workout (as is arguably possible) – once or twice a day he runs the risk of injuring himself in the ankle area. This area in the human body is full of tendons and ligaments and pain and trauma can occur in different parts of the body. All of this is easily identifiable for any doctor and could be a serious problem for us as a manufacturer and for our partners. 

3.Here we are going to touch on something important to us people conditioning sporting dogs for many years . This type of treadmills do not have a mechanism for vibration absorption. Good joint health is something extremely important for the quality of life of any dog, especially for medium and large breeds and especially for active and working dogs.

If you still think the curve treadmill is something you would be interested in we would recommend going for it at its russian inventor rather than dutch copy-paste but the Standard Treadmill is always a better option in our point of view. 

Firepaw Team  


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