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Firepaw Treadmills and current situation with COVID-19 pandemic

Firepaw Treadmills

Firepaw Treadmills and current situation with COVID-19 pandemic 

We consider it necessary to introduce you to some changes and trends related to a factor that we cannot ignore – COVID-19.


The good thing is that despite all the difficulties, we are able to continue working. The difficulties are mainly related to the supply of materials, which is becoming slower and more expensive. All of us in the team are working on increased safety measures. We pray that we will be able to do it  as long as possible. We understand that Firepaw Treadmills are becoming even more necessary with all restrictions already in place in many places around the world.

Despite the increase in production costs, we will not increase prices at this stage. We will try to withstand as long as it is possible not to raise prices. Production time has been extended to 4-5 weeks but this information is valid at this moment .

The terms and conditions of the site, which everyone agrees to placing an order, describes in detail the scenarios for force majeure, but we will save you time and describe the most important for the situation of pandemic in the lines below.

Transportation. There are major changes for intercontinental shipments – outside Europe. Flights are being cancelled daily and prices are rising. In some cases the shipping price of your order in the time of dispatch may be different from the price on order. We are committed to cover 15% of the increase in the price of transport. At the moment there are no increases greater than 15% but the situation is very dynamic.

In case the client disagrees with the conditions or we are unable to send the order, we can keep it free of charge in our warehouse and wait for the situation to normalize or instructions from the customer. The same applies to orders from business partners.

Currently, shipments in the European Union are moving normally with minimal price increases – which will be covered by Firepaw. 


Small parcels are no longer sent with post. We can add them to treadmill packages or ship with DPD in Europe when the total order weight is over 1kg.

We understand the reason for the high demand for Firepaw treadmills  at the moment and we are doing our best to satisfy it, but it will increase in parallel with the difficulties in production. Therefore, the sooner you order a treadmill, the better your chances of getting it at a better price and delivery time.

Georgi Simeonov
Firepaw Founder


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