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Firepaw Phoeniх & Dragon models


Firepaw Phoeniх & Dragon models 

In connection with the dramatic events at the Firepaw base last week, we are making few sentimental changes because what happened leaves an imprint on all of us.

A terrible fire burned a huge part of our base and caused serious damage. The biggest loss was that the dog that is the reason for the existence of the Firepaw brand lost its life in the flames. He was a 16-year-old pure bred pit bull named Red and slept in the office. The door was open but he never left the building, unlike our  female dog that managed to save herself.

From now on, the Standard Model will be called Phoenix and High Resistance one – Dragon.

Our team, which now numbers almost 30 people, is ready to work around the clock for our base recovery. I dare to say that these are the best professionals in the world in this segment. The incident will not affect in any way the commitments made to customers and the promised deadlines.

In 2022 we begin construction of a new modern base on 2000 square meters.

This is not the first tragic event in the history of Firepaw and every time like Phoenix instead of destroying us we get wings.

Georgi Simeonov

Owner, Co-founder 




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