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Partnership with Firepaw Dog Treadmills

Partnership with Firepaw Dog Treadmill

We are delighted that over the years we have built and maintained a number of collaborations and friendships around the world with brand representatives, drop-shippers, state institutions, various canine organizations, other professionals and social influencers. At Firepaw, we are happy to preserve and develop this tradition, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss possible options for cooperation. 


  1. Partouche February 11, 2022 Reply

    I want to open a gym for dogs in France, like the doggy gym. I need a size L treadmill with all options, a classic size M treadmill, a mini treadmill and a large size carpet mill. could you give me a discount? if yes, how much for the purchase of the 4 treadmills? Regarding VAT, is it deductible? thank you

    Mr partouche for training Dogs 67

    • Author
      Firepaw February 14, 2022 Reply


      We just sent an email 🙂

  2. Sharleen Houdashell September 11, 2023 Reply

    Hi, I am very interested in integrating a mobile gym into my 2 health wellness business I have now. I am a traveling animal tech/wellness nurse. I also just stated a online wellness store to sell organic supplements and CBD for pets.( I want to now Add a mobile gym to tie it all together. So I am a Total Pet Care wellness and rehabilitations mobile center. I am very interested in your treadmills and would like to get more info on what 2 sizes would I need to start. I am in Texas-Dallas fort worth area.
    Thank you
    Sharleen Houdashell

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