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Firepaw High Resistance “Carpet” dog treadmill asembling in 1.4 minutes

Firepaw High Resistance “Carpet” dog treadmill asembling


  1. Maxwell July 9, 2019 Reply

    I’ve recently bought one of your medium size standard Mills for my working patterdale terrier, it has a cruciat ligament injury and needs to build muscle to support its back leg, cannot be exercised off the lead due to the nature of the dog, on the lead it pulls so strongly it damages the ligament more. The slat mill has been excellent, Dog is building muscle nicely after 1 month of daily stints on the mill, I built the running time up slowly. Best thing about these mills is the dog can choose it’s pace, mine will often run hard when he first gets on then settles to a pace he can maintain, if they want stop the mill has very little overrun,hence it doesn’t throw the dog backwards if it stops to suddenly, very good when your trying to get a dog running for the first time, i have no mains electric where I live so a dog powered mill was a must but I have tried electric ones in the past, I would not go back to them now I have the slat mill,
    Build quality 10/10

    • Author
      Firepaw July 16, 2019 Reply

      Thanks for feedback It is really important for us.

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