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Maintenance Firepaw Dog Treadmill

Maintenance Firepaw Dog Treadmill

Ideally, Firepaw  Dog Treadmills need no maintenance. Highest quality materials are used.

We still have some recommendations  🙂

Bearings in main aluminum wheels and shafts:

We recommend to lubricate periodically bearings inside Standard Treadmill aluminum main wheels and shafts in High Resistance Treadmill   with a thin grease( machine lubricant) such as WD 40 or similar. Once a month for very intensive use and when used aa a dusty place dust or once every 2-3 months at less frequent use and in a dust-free room.


Wooden running belt: cleaning, prevention

Moisture may deform the wooden running belt  because although we impregnate in,  when running, the dog removes the top coat of polish with its nails. If treadmill is located  in areas with high humidity or if there is a chance of water contact we recommend to polish running area with varnish to protect the wood from moisture. It would be best to use varnish with natural ingredients

The dog running area on the Standard Dog Treadmill can be cleaned with any wood cleaner, recommended  is using natural ingredients cleaner.

Plastic sides: cleaning, prevention

The sides should not be exposed to direct sunlight or near a heater because heat may deform them.

Cleaning can be done with water or with window cleaner, and it is important that the cloth or sponge  used is clean and free from small hard particals matter that can scratch the plastic sides. 

Metal frame:

The metal frame is made of solid steel and powder coated, but we do not recommend it to be exposed to moisture as this could damage the paint and good appearance of the treadmill in time. 

Mini Mill Belt 

Slats on the mini mills belts are connected with rubber belt it is recommended to threat it with silicone spray once a month.


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