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Firepaw Dog Treadmills Extras and Customizations

Personalization and custom design has been inseparable part of Firepaw Dog Treadmills concept since the very beginning. With just a few clicks our customers can create creative design in two colors for their treadmill and add their custom stickers on the transparent sides . They can also add extras like speed computer, adjustable slope and handbrake. 

That is far not everything we can upgrade on Firepaw Dog Treadmills. We have enjoyed making a number of other customizations to fullfil dogmen specific needs and desires. 

Main wheels blockage – very usefull for agility dog trainers: 

Adjustable dog holding bar in horizontal and vertical in large range of positions to fit the mushing dogs harnesses: 

Plastic Running Belt: 

Dark foil on the transparent sides: 

Fancy Vintage (natural steel color) desing: 


Extra width to fit the biggest bullies chests: 

Please do not hesitate to let us know how do you image your dream treadmill we will be happy to face the challenge…


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