Premium dog treadmills and training equipment

Extras and Customizations

  • Anti-vibration system to prevent joins
  • Free custom design 
  • 8-10 free spins by hand power push.
  • Mobility wheels and handles for easy moving by one person
  • Firepaw designed aluminum main wheels
  • Plastic sides to briefly view workouts
  • Detachable sides for easier transportation and storage 
  • Adjustable dog fixing bars
  • Speed computer – 25eu (measures distance, time and speed)
  • Adjustable front legs to simulate slope (3 levels) – 35eu
  • Custom stickers – 15eu
  • Disc break – 160eu (Used for instant stop of the treadmill, useful tool to measure exact distance and time especially for treadmill races, activated with a handle) 


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