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What about the noise?

How much noise do mechanical dog treadmills produce? 

It is a fact that the faster (easier spinning) a mechanic dog treadmill (slatmill) is the noisier it is. The easiest spinnig dog treadmills(slatmills)   nowadays produce around 75-80 dB (80-85 big dogs in intesive session). In Firepaw we are hardly working on reducing the noise without affecting the speed of the treadmills and constantly achieve small victories at this field.    

When the Phoenix  treadmill is used in small space the noise vibration bouncing back could generate even greater noise. In this case mounting noise absorbing pannels on the roof and walls is a good solution.  Using a ear muffs for dogs also helps. Always better to use the treadmill in big space or outside when the weather is dry.  This company offers a number of options for noise absorbing in small spaces –

The effect on the noise of the plastic belt really depends on the dog and intensitity of the run. If it is a small dog running slowly – noise is no louder than a fan. But if it is a dog over 20 kg with intensive running noise levels will not be low even with plastic but still lower than the wooden belt.


Firepaw High Resistance Dog Treadmill principle of work is much different (A kind of Carpet dog treadmill but much more advanced) and  noise level is much lower so it is great tool for everyday use at home. Its noise level are sensitevly lower.  

Despite Firepaw Mini Dog Treadmill is the easiest spinning treadmill we make. It produces very low noise level. Physics of miniature dog breeds gives a chance to use cearamic bearings and soft belt which makes Mini  Treadmills almost noiseless. 



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