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Are electric treadmills better for conditioning and rehabilitation than mechanical dog treadmills

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Facebook user: Treadmills are amazing for rehab and conditioning work but the electronic ones, I don’t like slat mills. You can do lots with a treadmill though, I have wanted one for ages but they are so expensive. You can control pace and speed on the electronic ones which are much better. Would allow us to do more rehab stuff at home with Raven. You definitely wouldn’t get decent rehab stuff on a slat mill though, no control over it.

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It turns out slatmills(mechanical dog treadmills) are always better for condiotining because a dog can achieve its maximum in speed endurance, and all that controlled by itself. If something hurts, it can stiop immediatelly . It turns out that most often than not dogs are good in regulating themselves. This is what our experinece with sporting and working dogs shows us. This is not a rule and an owner should always pay attention to physical signs of exhaustion in the dog. Genaral health and condition should also be considered. It is very important for a slatmill to be smooth spinning.

Both slatmills and electric treadmills could be effective for rehablitation. However, if for example a dog is making its first step from heavy surgery or other seriuos issues requiring to learn/remind walking, a free spinning slamilll is the best solution. That is why slatmills are used so often in vet clinics and universities. If there are reahabilitation needs such a dog keeping a certain speed – yes, in this case the electric treadmill is a better option.

Actually we have a solid experience with building electric treadmills, however only for scientific purposes. Firepaw project was chosen in a global contest for an electric treadmill to be used with the most advanced AI robot dog developed by the University of Illinois.
It was a 1 year project and we built an electric treadmill with running surface 3×1,5 meter with multiple programs of work. What I am trying to say is that we can make electric treadmills just dont believe they are more effective or the safer option for our pets 🙂

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